Truuue aims to transform the real state market by bringing greater transparency, convenience, efficiencies and equity to all parties involved in a property transaction

Introducing Truuue

What is so special about Truuue?

Our philosophy to property is different from the existing platforms out there. Instead of just being an awesome property search tool, our goal is really to support you through your entire property transaction journey. At Truuue, we place you at the centre of our design.


I want to buy a home. How does Truuue help me?

We understand that property buying is not just about search, but about uncovering, tracking and negotiating for deals too. Our platform aims to be your trusted companion through this entire process, helping you manage your agents and interested properties, every step of the way

I want to sell my property. Can Truuue help me?

Selling your home is also not just about a listing. You want to get true buyers interested in your great property, schedule the viewings and negotiate the best price. Truuue provides different avenues for your selling process and a range of tools to maximize effectiveness with minimal efforts.

I want to rent a home. Why Truuue?

There are over 10,000 new public listings everyday...most of them repeats. Truuue helps Tenants to monitor for new listings that fit their requirements.

Truuue's Tenants need only state their requirements once and let the landlords try their best to meet them. No need to read thru long descriptions or calling many agents/landlords to ask...or worst, having to visit many properties.

Understandably, landlords want to qualify the strangers who would be moving into their home. With Truuue, tenants do not need to introduce themselves repeatedly to the landlords/agents.

Landlords want to differentiate their units. Truuue allows Landlords to add the 'personal touch' when they invite those special tenants.

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How do I get in touch?

You can contact us any time at We are always happy to chat and would love to build our platform together with you!