Become a Valuable Advisor to your Clients

Free up your time for higher value-adding tasks, and let Truuue help you reduce costs and save time

Fees for program is payable only upon successful transaction

 List onlyHiLITE + Bidding
Listing on Truuue Platform
Messaging Platform to Receive Enquiries
Exposure to Pool of Buyer Leads
Professional Photography
3D Visualisation
Priority Ranking in Search Result
Benefit from Truuue campaigns:
  • Facebook Boosts
  • Google Ads
  • Newsletters / EDM
  • Mail Drops
  • Newspaper Ads
Receive offers/bids anywhere, anytime
Transaction Documentation Assistance
Account Management
Scheduling Assistance
Our Fees
(Fees only upon successful transaction)

For HDB Properties: S$500

For non-HDB properties with direct buyer: S$2,500

For non-HDB properties with buyer’s agent: $500

Introductory promotion:
First transaction free for each agent!